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Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (VGA)


It’s a quiet and sunny morning when Sonny Bonds, a young police officer assigned to traffic regulation, walks into the briefing room to hear a concerned Sergeant Dooley announcing that the cocaine abuse amongst Lytton teenagers is alarmingly increasing. Lytton Police Department must look out for the crime lord who is supplying the drug dealers, before the situation gets out of hand. All the officers are also invited to keep an eye on a stolen 1983 black Cadillac.

After issuing a speeding ticket to an offender and having a short coffee-break with his pal Steve, Sonny is simply preparing for the rest of another routine day when he hears a dispatch over the radio, concerning a car crash. His light flashing and siren on, Sonny arrives at the scene of the accident and finds out that the driver is dead, shot in the head. His name was Lonny West, and he was a small-time criminal, one of the local drug dealers. Sergeant Dooley was right: things are about to get hot in Lytton and no one seems really safe.

At the end of his patrol, when he’s hanging out with a fellow policeman and friend, Jack Cobb, Sonny discovers that Jack’s daughter is in a coma, due to an almost lethal overdose. It’s the proverbial last straw, as the pursuit of the crime lord now becomes for Sonny a personal issue.

Later the same day, Sonny has the chance to prove how much he is really worth: with the help of Jack, he pulls over a speeding blue Cadillac driven by a certain Jason Taselli, armed and dangerous. After taking Taselli in, further investigation on the vehicle reveals not only that the car trunk is loaded with cocaine, but also that the car is the stolen 1983 black Cadillac with a quick coat of blue paint. Content with a job well done, his superior promotes Sonny to Acting Detective within the Narcotic Division.

The investigation, thanks to the compulsory co-operation of Jason Taselli, is at a turning point as the Lytton Police Department now knows the name of the drug lord: Jessie Bains, also known as The Death Angel, a criminal who is running his corrupt empire from the luxury suites of Hotel Delphoria, where he runs an illegal gambling ring. With the help of an ex-schoolmate, the troubled Marie Wilkans, who was forced by a life of misery into becoming a prostitute, Sonny Bonds infiltrates Hotel Delphoria with a fake ID that gets him into the secret poker room.

There, he must prove to be a cunning and practised gambler, to win not only the jackpot but also the trust of Jessie Bains himself. It’s only then that he can confront him and, with the aid of timely Lytton Police backup, get a chance to put an abrupt end to the evil grip of the Death Angel.